Hi, I’m back. I went away for a while to earn actual money. Well, part of the time I was spending money, as in going on a few little vacations with my family. Harrison Hot Springs was rainy—not much fun in a tent. Revelstoke is much nicer than I remember it being when I went through there 40 years ago. And Tofino—there is simply no place better in the world. I could look out at that ocean forever.

Here’s a page that’s all photos of Tofino:

Now that I’m back, I’m going to send you away. But not for long. Just to another blog. A friend of mine just introduced this blog to me. It’s called Copyblogger and, judging by the number of followers this blogger has, chances are very good that you’ve heard of it. Well, the number of followers and also the facts that:

The Copyblogger (AKA Brian Clarke) has been featured in the following books:

But in case, like me, you hadn’t heard of Copyblogger before today, here’s the home page:

I’m going to go back one day when I’m not procrastinating about work and read a lot more of his archived posts. In the meantime, whether you’re procrastinating or just putting in time on a rainy Sunday afternoon in October, you should check it out.

Update May 9, 2011: For more on Copyblogger, read Copyblogger 2.

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