Copyblogger 2

Mother’s Day. I’m sitting at the computer writing things that I want to write.

Not being taken out to brunch, or lunch, or dinner. Not being served warm cognac in a snifter. Just writing. Because it’s Mother’s Day, and I’m a mother, and mothers should get to do what they want on Mother’s Day.

Typical writer. Is that a sad thing or a good thing?

Anyway, while sitting here writing a bunch of blog posts to have in advance for when my next onslaught of work hits, I was exploring Copyblogger a bit. And I came across a post called “The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging.”

Love it.

Best part? The seventh deadly sin: boorishness.

Boorishness usually comes from one of the other deadly sins. Selfishness being the most common.

You know that guy at the party who just refuses to shut up? The one who lectures you for 45 minutes about his Warcraft collectible figurines, without ever noticing that you’re desperately wishing you had a cyanide pill so you could quietly end it all?

Don’t be that guy.

Laugh out loud funny because we’ve all met that guy!

Okay, back to writing. Maybe if I stay here long enough someone will come in and feed me chocolate.

PS. It worked. I sat at my desk long enough that a box of Purdy’s hedgehogs magically appeared.

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