Content Curation: Trends and Tips in Traditional Media and Social Media

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, although I did post a little something on the subject a few weeks ago, but one thing I have resolved to do more formally in 2012 is content curation. Broadly, content curation means bringing together several pieces of information on a theme from across the web.

For years, I subscribed to the print version of Utne Reader, which pulled together “the best of the alternative press” in themed articles. In the late 1990s, I edited a newsletter for Parent Support Services Society of BC, a digest of articles around various aspects of child abuse prevention.

I consider these print versions of content curation because a) they comprised only secondary research, and b) they represented early efforts to make sense of an unprecedented proliferation of information, which has only grown exponentially since then.  In a completely sane response, and representing what is likely to be a trend in 2012, numerous sites, such as Storify, Scoop.It, and Curata, now support content curation.

Here, in Storify, is my first curated story. A little ironically, I’m using this great social media tool to pull together information about why, in the rush to get social, we shouldn’t forget traditional media.

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