Working with Traditional Media around an Editorial Calendar

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After publishing this week’s blog post on ways to do traditional media work year ’round, the following article landed in my feed. It’s from a very useful blog that all non-profits, in my humble opinion, should follow—Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog at Nonprofit Marketing

The article, a guest post arising from a recent webinar, focuses on using special months in your non-profit editorial calendar as reasons for contacting the media (social or traditional media) throughout the year rather than just during an annual Your Cause Month campaign. For example, a former client was the BC Institute Against Family Violence. At different times, I wrote letters to the editor, op/eds, or press releases associated with:

  • Valentine’s Day—to  reflect on dating violence
  • International Women’s Day—to consider the societal factors that contribute to violence against women
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racism—to think about the connections between racism and family violence
  • International Day for the Eradication of Poverty—to consider the links between poverty and family violence
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month—to consider the lasting personal and societal impacts of child abuse
  • National Child Day—to provide ideas about violence-free approaches to child rearing
  • New Year’s Day—to resolve to become more aware of family violence in the coming year

Other days, weeks, or months I could have used included Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Youth Week, Disability Awareness Week, and Adoption Awareness Month, among many others. Opportunities like these challenge the creativity a little more, but if well done they can attract a reporter’s attention because they’re unexpected.

In planning traditional media contact around days like these, remember that any angle you pursue has to be timely and local; no good reporter will publish a poorly developed story just because it relate to National [insert cause] Day. And no matter how hard you work at developing a story with a reporter, remember that it’s soft news and will be bumped by a hard news story (think crime, politics, natural disaster) if one arises. If that happens, take the long view—you have a good jump on the story for next year.

Here’s the blog post from Nonprofit Marketing Guide:

While you’re there, take a good look around the site. Of particular interest are the 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report and accompanying infographics.

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