Spring Cleaning My Blog

A broom and dust on a hardwood floor.

Image by seeman, morguefile, http://mrg.bz/fM5G0N.

I’ve been spring cleaning website—my business, actually—and decided it was time to review some of my early posts and update or trash anything really embarrassing. I’ve been pleased to realize that most of what I’ve posted has been pretty good, though often too long and in need of better titles.

Take my very first post. The title and the acronym I came up with were kinda dumb, but I stand by the idea that it’s way too easy, when we’re overwhelmed by vast quantities of information, to think we should unceremoniously dump some of the hallmarks of good communication.

Another one that makes valid points (although at too much length) looks at what we lose when, in the transition from traditional to social media, we say goodbye to all those people with print skills and experience, in the process losing a lot of wisdom without even thinking about what or whom we’re tossing aside.

One attitude I’ve felt more than heard or read explicitly in digital communication is the idea that all old print codgers should be thrown out with their bathwater. But the authors of one social media book were pretty clear in their metaphor about “digital citizens and digital tourists.” I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt by assuming their choice of words was unintentional in its prejudices.

There are many more posts, of course. I may yet decide to lay some of my earlier posts to rest and I’m sure that, at some point, I’ll review the ones that simply linked to a funny comic or a cute video and compile them into curated posts on communications themes like writing and editing  humour and typography.

But for now, I think I’ll just leave everything as it is Sometimes, spring cleaning means taking out the trash. Other times, it just means cleaning off the dust and cobwebs before putting things away to be found again another day.

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