Katya Andresen: Making It Easy To Be Savvy

Katya Andresen’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog reminds me a bit of my Blenz habit. Every post is short and sweet. It doesn’t beat around the bush but gets straight down to the business of being what it is and doing what it’s supposed to do.

Kivi Leroux Miller’s Nonprofit Marketing Guide: Like Coffee with a Friend

Although I often feel intimidated by what Miller has accomplished in about the same amount of time as I’ve been running my business, I don’t think I’d feel intimidated by *her*.

Bret Wagner’s I Start A Nonprofit: A Star Chart

Generally, the nonprofits that keep going after crisis hits are those that find a calm harbour and drop anchor while they’re rebuilding. They take stock of what they’ve lost and gained, learn to be more strategic and planful, and gain strength before they venture too far out open water again.

Shopping for Nonprofit Bloggers? Start with Beth Kanter

If you’re in the nonprofit world, want to get up to speed on using social media for social change, and have time to follow only one blog on the subject, it really should be Beth Kanter’s blog.

Spring Cleaning My Blog

Sometimes, spring cleaning means taking out the trash. Other times, it just means cleaning off the dust and cobwebs before putting things away to be found again another day.

Who Are Journalists?

Journalists are a misunderstood lot. Likely everyone can say that about their profession, but one woman got so tired of the bad rap her profession was getting that she decided to start a Tumblr about it. She started by talking about her own feelings about being a journalist, and then invited other journalists to chime … Continue reading


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