Editing for Self-Publishing Authors

Why do self-publishing authors need editors? Because it makes the same difference as making a film with your cell phone or making a film with a crew, director, good lighting, and high-quality film.”

Why You Need an Editor

Pretty good demonstration of why even experienced writers need editors.

No Comment

“Book vs E-Book“ Okay, one comment: the information about carbon emissions is appalling. Also, the links at the bottom of the page are interesting. I particularly like: “Every Time You Watch Jersey Shore, a Book Commits Suicide“

A Fascinating Collision . . .

. . . of words, paper, and sculpture: “Mysterious Paper Sculptures“ Apparently, there’s at least one die-hard book lover in Scotland!

From Codex to Computer

Here’s an interesting article that looks at the transition from print to digital in the light of a much older transition—the one from scroll to codex (book). Surprising similarities: “From Scroll to Screen“

E-Books Offer Exciting Opportunities for Editors

A panel on e-book publishing at the EAC conference, Editing in the Age of E-Everything, opened with the telling comment that it’s hard to answer questions about digital publishing because the answers might be different next week.


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