Are You a Secret Sunday Writer?

Many literary greats have had day jobs—whie Franz Kafka felt “torn asunder” by being a legal secretary by day and a writer by night, T.S. Eliot valued the minutiae of daily life as grist for the mill of creativity.

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Dystopias, Utopias, and Peg: A Chat

An argument can be made that progressive organizations, no matter which sector they’re in, are striving to move toward a more utopian society, or at least to move away from the dystopian society that it sometimes seems we’re hurtling toward.

Copyright: Is All Not Well in the World of Giving Things Away for Free?

The way I read this is that all is not as well as might have been hoped in the world of making a living by giving everything away for free and trusting that the money will come back some other way.

Portrait of the Writer as an Artist

Are you a writer or editor? Do you think of yourself as an artist, or has it never occurred to you? In this blog post, writer/editor Shakirah Dawud Judy Sawler makes an argument for the similarities between writers and artists: “Writers, Editors, and Artists—Are We Similar?“ It has actually never occurred to me—or not in … Continue reading

What to Pay: The Other Side of the Table

Why pay more? To be as far from possible away from the first client that the contractor ever worked for, because all those years of experience mean more efficient work and fewer costly mistakes.

What to Pay, Part III: Maslow in Action

I love working for non-profits. The rewards go far beyond money. But they have to begin with money.


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