You May Not Be a Professional Graphic Designer, but . . .

You may never be a professional graphic designer, but a few graphic design skills can go a long way.

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In Case You Think Font Doesn’t Matter

A Dutch designer has designed a font that is proving to significantly reduce the difficulties dyslexics have with reading.

Um, No Comment

“Leg Hair Font Invented by Japanese Student“

Hip Up your Ipsum

Love this: Hipster Ipsum And this is just plain informative: Lorem Ipsum Who knew?

Fall Into Communicating

It’s been a while since I stumbled across so many good blog posts and websites that I wasn’t sure which one to link to, so I’ll just follow the old KISS rule and link to the one that serves as a gateway to all the others, a great post about infographics and nonprofit communications.


“It’s a funny thing being a graphic designer… or a photographer, or a retail manager, or a plumber, or a real estate agent, or just about any professional. The majority of humanity assumes that what you do isn’t really all that difficult.” ~ DMT Designs


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