“Political Correctness” or Cultural Sensitivity: Do These Five Questions Help?

How can people who don’t dissect language for a living distinguish between a word that’s hurtful and one that’s silliness disguised political correctness? I’ve come up with a few simple questions that I think can help.

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Editing for Self-Publishing Authors

Why do self-publishing authors need editors? Because it makes the same difference as making a film with your cell phone or making a film with a crew, director, good lighting, and high-quality film.”

Revolutionizing Punctuation

Example: The sinceriod ( . ) for when you want to break out of your cynical shell and be truly honest with someone.

In a World Full of Communications Specialists, a Generalist

In a world full of communications specialists, sometimes a generalist is just what you need.

You Know You Need an Editor When . . .

Can you help me with the attribution for this comic?

Why You Need an Editor

Pretty good demonstration of why even experienced writers need editors.


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