Fiction Makes Us Think Better

Interesting article. Given that I’m about the embark on my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Nonfiction Writing, I’d say CNF probably makes us think better, too: “Study: Reading Novels Makes Us Better Thinkers” About these ads

About these ads

Master Writers Share Their Wisdom

I’ve read that when you’re really attached to a piece of your own writing—when you think you’ve accomplished a great feat of wordcrafting—that’s probably the part you should cut. It’s amazing how often it’s true.

In a World Full of Communications Specialists, a Generalist

In a world full of communications specialists, sometimes a generalist is just what you need.

For Mother’s Day

“I haven’t met the mother yet who doesn’t adore her children.”

Why You Need an Editor

Pretty good demonstration of why even experienced writers need editors.

From Imaginary Editors to Real Journalists

Reading these two pieces back-to-back feels a little like time travel . . .


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