Easy Communications Planning: Like Working on an Old House

You can use the same communications planning tool to create a five-year strategy, run a media campaign, build a better newsletter, or write tweets. And you can use it whether you’re on staff somewhere or you’re a self-publishing author.

Editing for Self-Publishing Authors

Why do self-publishing authors need editors? Because it makes the same difference as making a film with your cell phone or making a film with a crew, director, good lighting, and high-quality film.”

You Know You Need an Editor When . . .

Can you help me with the attribution for this comic?

Why You Need an Editor

Pretty good demonstration of why even experienced writers need editors.

From Imaginary Editors to Real Journalists

Reading these two pieces back-to-back feels a little like time travel . . .

Journalism is Dead! Long Live Journalism

Two of these three links look at how the digital era is killing quality journalism, while the third looks at how journalism can use the digital era to tell the stories we need to hear better.


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