Taradiddle-dum, Taradiddle-dee

Cute piece of English trivia from a blogger I follow: “It’s No Taradidle!“ About these ads

About these ads

The Happy Haplologist?

One of our students often drops the endings from words like “city,” “coffee,” and “cookie” because so many of us let those final vowel sounds trail off into oblivion that she assumed they were all silent.

Now That’s Communication . . .

Communication is so much more than words.

Sweeten Up Your Lorem Ipsum

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Big Numbers about Small Businesses in Canada

Here’s a very interesting summary of stats about what small businesses contribute to the Canadian economy, how hard small business people work, and how many fewer tax breaks small business people are eligible for: “10 Surprising Stats about Small Business in Canada“ Keep the contribution and hard work of small business people in mind whenever … Continue reading

Not About Human Communication

Every once in a while, I see something that is not directly about communication but that strikes me so deeply I feel compelled to share it. This video of a family in the Sea of Cortez coming across a trapped whale and giving it back its life brought me to tears.


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