For Aspiring Authors: Paths to Publishing

Here’s something that’s been going around on the internet for a few weeks: “Some Thoughts on Five Key Publishing Paths” About these ads

About these ads

Fiction Makes Us Think Better

Interesting article. Given that I’m about the embark on my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Nonfiction Writing, I’d say CNF probably makes us think better, too: “Study: Reading Novels Makes Us Better Thinkers”

Camping and Communications: Taking Stock of Your Toolkits

Once you can see the gaps in your communications toolkit, brainstorm other tools you could use. Our family “made do” with a basic camping toolkit for years—but camping became a lot more comfortable as we acquired new equipment!

“Political Correctness” or Cultural Sensitivity: Do These Five Questions Help?

How can people who don’t dissect language for a living distinguish between a word that’s hurtful and one that’s silliness disguised political correctness? I’ve come up with a few simple questions that I think can help.

How is a Communications Plan like a Meal Plan?

Developing a communications plan need not take a lot of time. For small organizations, or even individuals, a basic chart that will help you visualize what your goals are, what you’re already doing, where the gaps are, and how you might fill them is all you need.

A New Look at Nonprofits

Why is it okay for a person to make a lot of money doing nothing good for the world but it’s not okay for a person to make living trying to do something good for the world?


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