“Political Correctness” or Cultural Sensitivity: Do These Five Questions Help?

How can people who don’t dissect language for a living distinguish between a word that’s hurtful and one that’s silliness disguised political correctness? I’ve come up with a few simple questions that I think can help.

Master Writers Share Their Wisdom

I’ve read that when you’re really attached to a piece of your own writing—when you think you’ve accomplished a great feat of wordcrafting—that’s probably the part you should cut. It’s amazing how often it’s true.

Editing for Self-Publishing Authors

Why do self-publishing authors need editors? Because it makes the same difference as making a film with your cell phone or making a film with a crew, director, good lighting, and high-quality film.”

Inside My Writer’s Brain

A peek inside a writer’s brain, from the Dormant Volcano of Blind Ambition to the Glade of Hopeful Aspirations. Not a journey for the feint of heart.

How to Write Good

Transcendental caffeination?

Revolutionizing Punctuation

Example: The sinceriod ( . ) for when you want to break out of your cynical shell and be truly honest with someone.


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