Reinventing Yourself: Scary but Exciting

Rochelle Grayson is CEO of Bookriff, a new, digital, self-publishing company that allows anyone to create a book by pulling together pieces of content from elsewhere. (All creators get paid for their content.) This raises the notion that perhaps today’s editors should consider a new job title, like “content curator,” because they need such diverse skills.

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Writing and Editing for the Web: Not for Arachnophobics

Writing and editing for the web requires dedication to two masters: search engines and humans. If you cater to the first, people will come but won’t stay. But if you cater to the second, people won’t come. The key to both nourishing the spiders and engaging the humans is to strike a balance.

In the Age of E-Everything, Editors More Needed than Ever

Back in the day, a publisher’s holy grail was a stable of award-winning writers. Now it’s a newsroom full of online editors. It’s not that the profession of editing is disappearing. It’s evolving.


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