Twitter Tidbits

A compilation of the 10 best types of Twitter headlines, and the top tips for getting tweeps (Twitter peeps!) engaged.

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Seven Techniques You Can Use on All Social Media

Love this: “I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had I’d have done it a lot earlier.” Apparently, Oprah Winfrey said that. And there’s more good advice where that came from.

I Have To Go Pee!

Using “pee” to illustrate the different approaches to communication on an array of social media sites is cute, and surprisingly effective.

Easy Communications Planning: Like Working on an Old House

You can use the same communications planning tool to create a five-year strategy, run a media campaign, build a better newsletter, or write tweets. And you can use it whether you’re on staff somewhere or you’re a self-publishing author.

A New Look at Nonprofits

Why is it okay for a person to make a lot of money doing nothing good for the world but it’s not okay for a person to make living trying to do something good for the world?

What Great Cause Marketing Looks Like

Watch two minutes on how NOT to be a good person. And then watch 20 seconds of how to be a great person.


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