Editing for Self-Publishing Authors

Why do self-publishing authors need editors? Because it makes the same difference as making a film with your cell phone or making a film with a crew, director, good lighting, and high-quality film.”

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Why You Need an Editor

Pretty good demonstration of why even experienced writers need editors.

Journalism Hits a New Low

No-holds-barred look at the worst end of disrespect for the ethics of journalism: “The D-News’ Journalism Jinx“

Monday Morning Punctuation Laughs

This from Bizarro: “The Power of Punctuation“ {Sorry, the cartoon is copyright protected so I can’t actually copy-paste it. But click on the linkā€”it’s worth it.) And now that you’re warmed up, several funny sentences that change dramatically with correct punctuation. Here’s one example; click on the link for more: Anne Boleyn kept her head … Continue reading

The Sad Story of . . . Whom?

The moral of the story comes in the form of a mnemonic device: for a pronoun that ends with a vowel sound, substitute “who” because it ends with a vowel; for a pronoun that ends with a consonant sound, substitute “whom” because it ends with a consonant.


The EU proposes a ban on for those who shout too loud on social media: “EU Considering Ban on Excessive Use of Caps Lock“ Join the 99% who demand this hoarding of upper case letters and exclamation points be replaced by a fairer means of making one’s point.


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