Zombie Grammar

Grammatically speaking, is a zombie a “that” or a “who”?

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You Know You Need an Editor When . . .

Can you help me with the attribution for this comic?

Why You Need an Editor

Pretty good demonstration of why even experienced writers need editors.

Portrait of the Writer as an Artist

Are you a writer or editor? Do you think of yourself as an artist, or has it never occurred to you? In this blog post, writer/editor Shakirah Dawud Judy Sawler makes an argument for the similarities between writers and artists: “Writers, Editors, and Artists—Are We Similar?“ It has actually never occurred to me—or not in … Continue reading

Monday Morning Punctuation Laughs

This from Bizarro: “The Power of Punctuation“ {Sorry, the cartoon is copyright protected so I can’t actually copy-paste it. But click on the link—it’s worth it.) And now that you’re warmed up, several funny sentences that change dramatically with correct punctuation. Here’s one example; click on the link for more: Anne Boleyn kept her head … Continue reading

The Sad Story of . . . Whom?

The moral of the story comes in the form of a mnemonic device: for a pronoun that ends with a vowel sound, substitute “who” because it ends with a vowel; for a pronoun that ends with a consonant sound, substitute “whom” because it ends with a consonant.


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