Spring Cleaning My Blog

Sometimes, spring cleaning means taking out the trash. Other times, it just means cleaning off the dust and cobwebs before putting things away to be found again another day.

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Journalism is Dead! Long Live Journalism

Two of these three links look at how the digital era is killing quality journalism, while the third looks at how journalism can use the digital era to tell the stories we need to hear better.

Journalism in the Rear View

Here are three very different looks at journalism by three journalists looking back: a young reporter, a mid-career journalist turned PR guy, and a veteran reporter.

Are Journalists to Blame?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that inadequate coverage is likely less about journalists than it is about aspects of the media industry over which journalists have little control.

From Codex to Computer

Here’s an interesting article that looks at the transition from print to digital in the light of a much older transition—the one from scroll to codex (book). Surprising similarities: “From Scroll to Screen“

Redux: (TM)IAGE Revisited

It’s interesting to see how my own opinions have evolved, and in some cases devolved again, over the course of the short period of time I’ve been keeping this blog.


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