How Does Your Traditional Media Garden Grow?

Make the most of your annuals, grow perennials with the long term in mind, cultivate your garden so well that weeds won’t stand a chance, and tend to your garden year ’round. Bring the same principals to media relations, and your garden will grow just fine.

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Eight Tools for Building Relationships with Traditional Media

Think about your story with the medium in mind. For TV, propose something that can be filmed. For print, let them know if you have photos. For radio, line up people who can be interviewed on air.

Working with Traditional Media around an Editorial Calendar

Including less obvious opportunities in my editorial calendar for the BC Institute Against Family Violence, like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day, called for more creativity, but if the stories were well done, they could catch a reporter’s eye because they were unexpected.

Content Curation: Trends and Tips in Traditional Media and Social Media

Here, in Storify, is my first curated story. A little ironically, I’m using this great social media tool to pull together information about why, in the rush to get social, we shouldn’t forget traditional media.

Why Your Non-Profit Should Work Year ‘Round with Traditional Media

Have you considered hiring your communications contractor to do five hours per month for 11 months of the year and 45 hours during Your Cause Month? Each approach increases the impact of the other.


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