Taradiddle-dum, Taradiddle-dee

Cute piece of English trivia from a blogger I follow: “It’s No Taradidle!“ About these ads

About these ads

Monday Morning Punctuation Laughs

This from Bizarro: “The Power of Punctuation“ {Sorry, the cartoon is copyright protected so I can’t actually copy-paste it. But click on the linkā€”it’s worth it.) And now that you’re warmed up, several funny sentences that change dramatically with correct punctuation. Here’s one example; click on the link for more: Anne Boleyn kept her head … Continue reading

The Real Meaning of Viagra

Great Pearls Before Swine comic: For more on the ups and downs of deciphering the meanings of English words through dissection, see: “Use as Directed on Label“

A Fascinating Collision . . .

. . . of words, paper, and sculpture: “Mysterious Paper Sculptures“ Apparently, there’s at least one die-hard book lover in Scotland!

With Apologies to Anyone Who Finds the Language Offensive

The single best argument yet for the Oxford comma: “We invited strippers, JFK, and Stalin“

Speaking with Conviction

“It is not enough to question authority. You gotta speak with it, too.” ~ Taylor Mali


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