Master Writers Share Their Wisdom

I’ve read that when you’re really attached to a piece of your own writing—when you think you’ve accomplished a great feat of wordcrafting—that’s probably the part you should cut. It’s amazing how often it’s true.

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Why You Need an Editor

Pretty good demonstration of why even experienced writers need editors.

Monday Morning Punctuation Laughs

This from Bizarro: “The Power of Punctuation“ {Sorry, the cartoon is copyright protected so I can’t actually copy-paste it. But click on the link—it’s worth it.) And now that you’re warmed up, several funny sentences that change dramatically with correct punctuation. Here’s one example; click on the link for more: Anne Boleyn kept her head … Continue reading

A Good Way to Look at Bad Blogging

“Here are three reasons why these awful wordsmiths can actually make you a better blogger.”

The State of Journalism

A couple of blog posts on the current state of the art in journalism — one by an old guy who got fired from a lousy job, the other by a young guy who quit a great job.

In the Age of E-Everything, Editors More Needed than Ever

Back in the day, a publisher’s holy grail was a stable of award-winning writers. Now it’s a newsroom full of online editors. It’s not that the profession of editing is disappearing. It’s evolving.


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