Copyblogger on What Blog Writers Can Learn from Print

Now this is interesting: Copyblogger’s post today advises bloggers to take tips on writing from top print magazines. Online writers learning from print writers. Hmmmmm.

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Twittercues: A Great Idea

Here’s a great way to avoid press releases becoming unrecognizably garbled by Twitter.

Why It’s Not Possible to Write an Article in Twenty Minutes

Have you ever painted a room? There’s a lot more work to prep and clean-up than there is to applying paint to wall. Do you think any painter would let you get away with only paying him or her for the actual painting time? Of course not! So why do people think that writing comprises only that time when one is applying a first draft of words to a page?

Redux: (TM)IAGE Revisited

It’s interesting to see how my own opinions have evolved, and in some cases devolved again, over the course of the short period of time I’ve been keeping this blog.

Copyblogger 2

What is the seventh deadly sin of blogging? Boorishness. Why? You have to click to find out.

Social Media Speeds Up News Delivery, but Does it Change Content?

Journalism is about describing events accurately so that people can question, analyze, and take action. Without these facets, which are notably absent from most “citizen journalism,” reporting is little more gossip-mongering.


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