When All Else Fails …

I’ve spent the last two days doing my taxes. Actually, I spent yesterday doing my taxes and today I’ve spent most of the day on hold waiting to ask a tax expert some questions. I spoke with two very nice humans, neither of whom could answer my questions. The second one put me on hold and that was it for the day. Over four hours of listening to muzak.

I tried, unsuccessfully, in those four frustrating hours to write a blog post. But with all that muzak in my ears (same five-minute tape over and over), it was impossible. Instead, I thought I’d share some recent photos from my garden. All the photos from my site are from my garden last year, but here are a few fresh ones from this year.

P1010836  P1010823P1010865 P1010870 P1010875 P1010881

When all else fails … flowers.

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