Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Editing

I recently gave Lynne an extremely difficult manuscript on which to perform a substantive edit. Based on her past work for me, I knew she was up to the task. But when she turned it in, I was astonished by just how good a job she’d done. The manuscript, while based on a strong and original concept, was poorly organized, nearly twice as long as needed, and replete with outdated cultural references and unintentionally prejudicial language. Based on my greater familiarity with the subject matter, I provided Lynne with a restructured table of contents. She took it from there to completely reorganize the content, cut 50,000 words, and identify gaps in the remaining material. Thanks to her hard work and sensitive eye for story and thematic structure, the resulting version of the manuscript is lucid, clear, compelling, tight, and well developed. I find the quality of Lynne’s work particularly noteworthy given that the book’s topic was challenging for her to tackle at this juncture in her personal life. Lynne is not only good at her work, but very professional in the way she performs it. I’m grateful to have her on our team.  

~Maggie Langrick
Publisher, LifeTree Media (nonfiction)

We have worked with Lynne Melcombe on a number of projects, and each time she is the epitome of professionalism, both in her communication and her work. I recommend her highly.

~ Anne Key
Managing Editor, Goddess Ink
(fiction, nonfiction, anthologies, memoirs)

Lynne came on board to copy edit Nerve Line  at a time when my deadlines were tight and crucial; I had an opportunity to launch the book at Northlands racetrack [it’s set in the horse-racing world], but a short, short timeline to get the manuscript through production even to have pre-released copies available for this launch. Lynne came through not only with a thorough copy edit, but with some honest and hard-hitting [substantive] advice that came at exactly the right moment and made a terrific impact on the final copy.

~ Nancy Mackenzie, Author
Nerve Line (fiction)

Working with Lynne was a delight. I am very pleased with her services. She is a true professional, imaginative with ideas, and meticulous when it comes to details. Her editing skills and problem-solving abilities are amazing. I highly recommend Lynne!

~ Jeremy Freeman, Author
Chess Tactics: Weapons for the Chess Warrior (children)

Lynne is a true professional who is a pleasure to work with. She substantially edited the first draft of my manuscript. Her comments were encouraging and suggestions right on the mark. While writing the second draft, I felt like she was right there with me guiding me along the way. She was sensitive to a difficult topic yet urged me to tell my story in a way that would better engage the reader. In looking for an editor who would be a good fit for me, I sent several pages of my manuscript to eight editors for sample edits. I chose Lynne because her sample sounded like me . . . only better!

~ Niki Krauss, Author
Little Girl Mended (memoir)

My story is important to me. I want it to be the best it can be before I send it out into the world. . . . Lynne’s criticism, sensitively and thoughtfully delivered, has been, and continues to be, invaluable to me. If you want someone to correct your grammar and punctuation, I’m sure Lynne can do that for you. But I recommend her because she does more than just tell me my writing is fine and my book is good to go. She’s helping me make my novel better, and she’s helping me learn to be a better writer.

~ Kathleen H. Wheeler,
Brought to Our Senses (fiction)

Corporate and Nonprofit Work

 I hold Lynne’s work in very high regard. She is organized, creative, and truly a big picture thinker who worked collaboratively with a diverse group of people in 15 offices to bring strong leadership. . . .  After my move to [my current] position, I was pleased to recommend that Lynne be hired on a freelance basis to bring her considerable editing skills to our written materials. She continues to provide excellent services and it’s a pleasure to work with her again.

~ James Aldridge, Executive Director
Grok China (corporate reports)

Lynne has shown a tremendous ability for producing clear and concise content that ensures understanding yet also allows for translation to a number of languages. She conducts herself in both a professional and timely manner enabling us to keep to scheduled deadlines. Her work is meticulous and she has contributed greatly in the success of our products. . . . I enthusiastically recommend Lynne’s editing services.

~ Kelly Hegedus, Publishing Manager
CCI Learning Solutions (software manuals)

Lynne worked with us for many years, becoming one of our senior writers on Canada’s west coast. The writers and project managers we hired for conferences had to adhere to tight deadlines, producing accurate, evocative publications under the intense pressure generated while major events were under way. Lynne’s work for us was consistently strong, and I know she has since carried her excellent writing skills and high professional standards into her freelance career.

~ Mitchell Beer, President
Smarter Shift (formerly InfoLink, conference proceedings)

Lynne [is] an excellent writer. She excelled at the challenging role of converting complex, medical terminology into interesting, readable, educational material for consumers and retailers. She did so in a challenging environment of unclear and changing legal restrictions. Lynne responded well to the marketing environment at SISU, which called for quick results within changing priorities, and she did so without compromising her high standards.

~ Susan Rooney, Director of Marketing (former)
SISU Inc. (marketing copy, brochures)

Lynne brings professionalism and passion to her skilled writing, thoughtfully crafting messages and promoting ideas that further [our] work. We have developed an excellent working relationship [and] strongly recommend her work to others, particularly those in the field of social justice.

~ Penny Bain, Executive Director (former)
BC Institute Against Family Violence (nonprofit public relations)

Note: Unfortunately, the Institute closed its doors due to funding decisions in 2006. I'd worked with them for eight years.

Lynne’s work is fluent, fresh, powerful, and consistently well-crafted. Her ability to work withing demanding deadlines with the utmost professionalism is exemplary! . . . [She] is a joy to work with in every setting, and we recommend her very highly as an outstanding professional in her field of work.

~ Donna Otto and Morna Edmundson,
Co-Artistic Directors (former)
Coastal Sound Music Academy (nonprofit public relations)

Lynne established the editorial standards for the [Artropolis 2001] catalogue and meticulously adhered to these criteria in the editing process. . . . Her attention to detail and commitment to this project resulted in a cohesive and consistent record of the exhibition.

Chris Tyrell, Executive Director
Artroprolis 2001 (art show catalogue)