Editing Book Manuscripts

When you send me a sample of your project (at least 2000 words from the middle of the manuscript), I will recommend the level of editing it needs and estimate a flat rate. The services I provide most often include manuscript evaluation and copy editing.

A manuscript evaluation typically costs $1000. This involves reading your manuscript and writing a brief report including a synopsis, summaries of strengths and challenges, and recommendations for improvement.

A light copy edit typically costs $1000–2000. This includes correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, typos, and sometimes sentence length. The cost varies depending on the length of your manuscript and frequency of corrections required.

A heavy copy edit, a stylistic edit, or a substantive or structural edit will increase the cost. Briefly:

  • A heavy copy edit includes all the elements of a light copy edit plus suggestions for word choice and sentence structure.
  • A stylistic edit focuses on improving the flow of writing from one sentence and paragraph to another, and usually involves some elements of both copy editing and structural editing.
  • A structural edit looks at the logic behind the way your work is organized, while a substantive edit may involve both stylistic and structural recommendations.

Read full editing definitions here.

Your sample will help me assess the type of editing to recommend, and explain why I feel it would best serve your manuscript. It will also allow me to provide you with an accurate estimate, as well as a lower-cost alternative that may fit your budget better.

Turnaround Time

I work on a first-come, first-served basis, so the more notice you can provide, the more likely I can ensure a timely turnaround. The type of editing I perform is always your choice, and I always work within your budget.

Editing Academic Papers

My student rates typically represent a 25% discount over what I charge the general public for similar work. I offer the following flat rates for essays and term papers:

Up to 2000 words:                      $75
Up to 2500 words:                       $100
Up to 5000 words:                       $200

My fee for master’s theses typically ranges from $500 to 750 for a copy edit (grammar, spelling, punctuation, typos, and sentence length), and $750 to 1500 for doctoral dissertations.

These rates can vary depending on the length and complexity of your paper, the number of tables and charts, the length of the reference list or bibliography, and the overall frequency of corrections required.

Turnaround Time

I can usually turn around an academic essay or term paper within days or even hours, depending on previous commitments. I prefer more notice for theses and dissertations to ensure I can give them attention commensurate with your investment in them.

About Me

I have 20 years of experience as an editor and 30 years as a writer, as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Nonfiction Writing.

I know how to write well; of more importance to you, I know how to help others write well.

When you choose my services, you can rest assured your hard work is in good hands.