Editing Book Manuscripts
When you send me a sample of your project (at least 2000 words from the middle of the manuscript), I will recommend the level of editing it needs and estimate a flat rate. Some services I provide include:

  • A manuscript evaluation. This involves reading your manuscript and writing a brief report. The report will include a synopsis, summaries of strengths and challenges, and recommendations for improvement.
  • A developmental edit. This could simply include concept development at the outset of a project, or comprehensive advice throughout the project.
  • A copy edit. This includes correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, typos, word choice, sentence length, and sentence structure.
  • A stylistic edit. This focuses on improving the flow of writing from one sentence and paragraph to another. It usually involves some elements of both copy editing and structural editing.
  • A structural edit. This looks at the logic behind the way your work is organized. It involves large-scale changes.

Read full editing definitions here.

Your sample will help me assess the type of editing to recommend, and explain why I feel it would best serve your manuscript. It will also allow me to provide you with an accurate estimate. I typically provide a couple of estimates, including one that I recommend and a lower-cost alternative that may fit your budget better.

Other Writing and Editing Services
I provide writing and editing services to a wide variety of clients, including government and corporations, universities, graduate students, and nonprofits. Please contact me with the specifics of your project for an estimate.

About Me
I have 30 years of experience as a writer and editor. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Nonfiction Writing.

I know how to write well; of more importance to you, I know how to help others write well.

When you choose my services, you can rest assured your hard work is in good hands.