Harbour Publishing, forthcoming
(copy edit)
Claudia Cornwall


It was a pleasure to see how my manuscript began to shine under Lynne’s careful attention!
~ Claudia Cornwall, author 


Douglas & McIntyre, 2020
(copy edit)
Mark Bulgutch



Self-published by Sue Harper, 2019
(copy edit and proofread)



Lynne’s keen eye and mad skills made this a better book.
~ Sue Harper, author


Self-published by Tikiri Herath, 2019
(re-released 2020 as The Girl Who Ran Away)Disowned - Cover Copy

Self-published by Tikiri Herath, 2019 (re-released 2020 as
The Girl Who Made Them Pay)

(both books: copy edit and proofread)
Tikiri B02

Douglas & McIntyre,
river battles


Harbour Publishing, 2019
dugout canoe



Harbour Publishing, 2018
lieutenant goversnors


Harbour Publishing, 2018
(substantive, stylistic edits)



Self-published by Christine Forth,
(stylistic, copy edits)
mapmaker's wife


Greystone Books, 2018
(copy edit)
Diabetes Code



Self-published by Carl A. Bolton, 2018
(substantive, stylistic, and copy edits,
and two proofreads)

Carl Bolton


Lynne’s multi-layered reviews provided the guidance I needed to bring this book to press. 
~ Carl A. Bolton, author

Self-published by
Rosemary Rigsby, 2017
(stylistic, copy edits)


Lynne’s thoughtful advice, insightful comments, and respectful understanding helped reveal the real reason I wanted to write this book.
~ Rosemary Rigsby, author


Goddess Ink, 2017 (copy edit)
Myths Shattered and Restored


We have worked with Lynne on a number of projects, and each time she is the epitome of professionalism, both in her communication and her work. I recommend her highly. 
~ Anne Key, publisher


Greystone Books, 2017
(substantive, stylistic edits)
Rowing the Northwest Passage


Thanks to Lynne’s great efforts, my book has turned out better than I ever could have hoped.
~ Kevin Vallely, author


Greystone Books, 2017
(copy edit)
Inner Life of Animals


Wonderwell, 2017
(substantive, stylistic edits)
Sacred Path of Soulmate


With Lynne, the whole editing process was so rewarding that reworking the manuscript was a joyful experience.
~ Gerald Sze, author


LifeTree Media, 2016
(substantive, stylistic edits)
Pathways to Pregnancy


With Lynne’s help, I not only produced a better book than I would have otherwise, but I also learned to be a stronger communicator myself.
~ Mary Wong


Goddess Ink, 2016 (copy edit)

Goddesses of the Americas


Self-published by
Kathleen Wheeler, 2016 
(substantive, stylistic edits)



Lynne not only helped me make my novel better, she helped me learn to be a better writer.
~ Kathleen Wheeler, author


Vox Dei Publishing, 2016
(substantive, stylistic edits)
Niki's book cover


Lynne’s comments were encouraging and suggestions right on the mark. … She was sensitive to a difficult topic yet urged me to tell my story in a way that would better engage the reader. 
~ Niki Krauss, author

Self-published by
Dr. Anthony Kenyon, 2016
Liard Valley


Goddess Ink, 2015
(copy edit)
Anne's book cover



Goddess Ink, 2015
(copy edit and proofread)
Kwan Yin Cover Image 



Ekstasis Editions, 2014
(copy edit)
Nerve Line Cover Image


Lynne came through not only with a thorough copy edit, but with some honest and hard-hitting advice that came at exactly the right moment and made a terrific impact on the final copy. ~ Nancy Mackenzie

Goddess Ink, 2014
(substantive, stylistic, copy edits)
Priestesses Cover Image



Self-published by Jeremy Freeman, 2013
(stylistic, copy edits and proofread)
Chess Tactics Cover Image


Lynne is a true professional, imaginative with ideas, and meticulous when it comes to details. Her editing skills and problem-solving abilities are amazing. 
~ Jeremy Freeman, author

Goddess Ink, 2013
(copy edit and proofread)
Brigit Cover Image



Lynne is not only good at her work, but very professional in the way she performs it. I’m grateful to have her on our team.
~Maggie Langrick
Publisher, LifeTree Media